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Sports Massage

Sports massage, like Myofacial massage, is a specialty branch of Swedish massage. These two types of massage are similar because they both employ cross-fiber strokes to break up and stretch out contracted, restricted tissue that can contribute to pain and restriced range of motion.

Received prior to activity, sports massage helps protect against painful injuries and at the same time boosts the level of performace. Following activity, sports massage aids in the recovery of normal muscle tone while aiding in the removal of lactic acid which leads to muscle sorness.

Sports massage can enable athletes to move through plateaus with greater ease to achieve their desired results. I heard this in massage school and through other sources, but never knew exactly how much this could assist until one day when I was climbing with my rock climbing partner. After multiple attempts my partner had not been able to top his climb. His forearm muscles were becoming tight and contracted and becoming more and more inefficient in his attempts. I suggested we massage his forearms just to see what would happen. His next attempt took him straight to the top with sufficient ease. Since that time, I have had the pleasure of working with other athletically inclined individuals with similar results.

Sports massage allows you to play harder and recover faster, so if you are serious about your game, you can't afford not to incorporate it into your training routine.

  Sports Massage