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Stress and PTSD
STRESS - Stress is the forerunner of all disease. Stress is America's number one health issue. At it's extreme it can create suicidal thoughts. Suicide is the 8th leading cause of death in the United States.

If you wish to maintain a healthy body, mind and soul exercise regularly, eat healthy organic non processed foods as much as possible, drink plenty of water and treat yourself to massage on a regular basis at least once a month. Unhealthy diets, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, repetitive motion, worry and hurry all create stress.

Stress is to the human body what rust is to metal. Just as rust can be sanded away from metal, stress can be sanded, scrubbed from the bodies tissues.

Everything in life requires maintenance. Bodywork and massage are maintenance for the human body. These treatments help the body to remain flexible and in good working order. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and massage and bodywork are the best preventative measures that can be utilized outside of a healthy diet and regular exercise. But even a healthy diet and regular exercise are not enough to recoup the body from trauma.

The human body stores memories in the soft tissues. Stress causes the body to tighten, the memories of trauma are then trapped in the body. We relive these memories over and over again. They can create migraines, nightmares, uncontrollable anger, rage and pain ranging from minor to major. They can make us "crazy" in our minds. Stress can build up making it difficult and often near impossible to move on and get over traumatic events. Stress creates illness and cycles of destruction that seem impossible to break.

It is not impossible but it does require work and diligence. Massage helps to dissolve and break the destructive cycles of stress by loosening and stretching the bodies tissues back to a more relaxed state making it easier to move beyond those experiences that traumatize and tighten mind body and soul.

Massage alone is not enough to completely break the cycles of stress & PTSD, but is an invaluable tool that will speed the process of recovery. If you adopt massage as part of your lifestyle and receive it on a regular basis the traumas that are unavoidable will have less of a negative effect and you will recover more quickly.

Massage is something everyone in today's high stress world would benefit from. Massage although at times can be painful, ultimately helps a person to feel good. When you feel good it is easier to just be nice. When you can be nice, people will automatically want to assist you more. In today's world everyone needs massage because everyone needs to feel good in order to make life the most enjoyable it can be.

If you have been diagnosed with PTSD and wish to recover as much as possible massage will be one of the most important elements to embrace in your recovery.Www.PTSDsupport.net can provide you with more information on things that can help in conjunction with massage.

Please email loneheron@gmail.com with any questions or to book an appointment.
Complimentary Components
OXYGEN - the single most important component of your life! You can go days without food or water if you have to and still be alive, you might not be kicking very high, but you would still be kicking. Three minutes without oxygen and the average person would be history.

Suffocation can take place in minutes or it can take place over the course of a lifetime.

Breath is unequivocally the most important component of your life and it is the only thing Uncle Sam doesn't tax you on, so take advantage while it is still free.

Take a moment and literally "Stop and smell the roses". Breathe - smell the life around you. This activity will increase your thought capacity as well as your concentration ability and your level of energy. Did you know that yawning is not truly a sign that you are sleepy but rather a sign that your body needs oxygen?

So as you are sitting there reading this take a moment and BREATHE…Sit up straight and inhale slowly filling your lungs as full as you can. Now blow your breath away from you as if you were trying to blow out a cake full of birthday candles. Then again slowly and very deeply inhale, filling your body full of air until you can inhale no more and then blow out as if the north wind were rushing through your chest. If you don't like the image of the north wind rushing, you can visualize a gentle cleansing spring breeze. Focus on whichever visual is the most enjoyable to you.

If you take five minutes four to five times a day where you do nothing but focus on your breathing, you will be more relaxed and less stressed at the end of the day. If you do this exercise just before going to sleep you will sleep more restfully throughout the night.

FRESH WATER - is the second most important component of your life. Fresh clean pure water, unfortunately is not the freebie it once was. One hundred years ago they laughed at the idea of paying for water. Today, for many of us, it is on our weekly grocery list.

Sodas, Coffee, Tea, Juice and Milk are not water, and no, they don't really make a good substitute.

When you get a massage it aids the body in releasing toxins that have been stored in the body's tissues, therefore it is especially important to drink plenty of extra water in the 24-48 hour period after your massage to aid the body in the removal of these toxins.