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Massage prices vary from place to place. If you are comparing my pricing structure to others - remember to compare length of session & experience of the practitioner. What your practitioner doesn't know can hurt you. Massage therapy is in the top ten fastest growing professions in the U.S. today, the average massage therapist is in & out of the industry in 3-5 years. I have been in practice full time since 1992. I have continued to build my knowledge and have accumulated 3500 + additional hours beyond the 600 required for licensure and continue to accumulate more. Because of this I can often produce results other practitioners can not. If you would like to schedule an appointment but cannot afford my fees please talk to me about a reduced rate or barter.
25 min mind melter
relax the mind, clear the sinus, still the mental chatter focus strictly on the skull, face and neck.
35 min back neck and shoulders $50
45 min reflexology session
feet hands and ears - perfect to relieve headaches & migraines.
55 min swedish massage
dont speak put me to sleep, soothing and nurturing fluff and puff massage - choose when you are exhausted or just want to be pampered.
60 min deep tissue nmt
choose an upper or lower body detail or a full body general with area's of chronic tension highlighted.
75 min pregnancy massage
massage is contraindicated during the 1st trimester according to some, so for safety's sake, check with your doctor first.
90 min deep tissue, nmt, chronic pain relief
90 min deep tissue nmt structural mind/body integration.
Discover yourself! Learn the language of your body. What is your body telling you? What is the message in your pain?
Plan on this session taking another 30 min of time to be utilized for coaching and homework assignments necessary to maintain this work. Each session details certain body areas and may not be a full body session. To be most efficient, sessions should be done on a weekly basis for 4-8 weeks. Essential oils will be used to assist the process of recovery and release. Homework will be given in the form of specific exercises and two books to read. This work is very intense and can actually change the structure of the body. This work can help you avoid and recover from surgery. Nutritional supplements will be advised depending upon conditions found in the body. Clients who add supplementation into their program will make the most progress. Other alternative modalities may be suggested for integration in order to achieve the best results. Your body can only be its best when its needs are supplied. Do you know what your body needs?



99 min full body deep tissue, nmt, structural tuneup
 with emphasis on chronic areas
For the big, tall and thick only (200lb+.,6'+)  30-45 min foot walking....for those of you who are stoutly built having someone walk on your back can often yield greater results due to the more appropriate pressure for your size. for this session you will remain fully clothed while lying face down so please wear comfortable loose clothing...this session is completed with stretching to balance out the trigger point release. $40-$60
  Additions+++++ Turn any session into:  
Aromatherapy session by adding organic essential oils $8-$20
Hot stones $35
Don't want to drive?  House calls are available with an additional travel fee.
Fee determined by time, distance & number of people to receive massage.
Massage parties can be arranged with a minimal of 5 people
Host a massage party and receive 1 free session to be scheduled after your massage party.
MORE?/!  120 min full body detail $185

24 hour cancellation requested - last minute cancellation fee $30


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